World of Schnierle Safety Belts

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Insight into the world of Schnierle Part 4

Today we introduce you to Schnierle Safety Belts GmbH in Laufen. Here we have 9 employees.

The production and distribution of our safety belts takes place at this location. On the pictures and videos we show you small excerpts from our:

  • building – our modern production facility for safety belts in Laufen near Salzburg
  • office – our production manager has everything under control even in hectic times
  • webbings – in addition to common black webbing, bright colours are also in demand on the market, depending on the intended use
  • production – experienced production workers sew the webbing according to specified seam patterns
  • button press – small button, great effect! It ensures that the webbing is stopped at the belt deflector
  • the appropriate fastening material must be packed for each belt using a parts list
  • to complete the seat belt system, the individual components for the seat belt buckle are now assembled
  • finally, proper packaging and off to the customer


We hope you enjoy our little glimpse into the action!