World of Schnierle S.r.l.

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Insight into the world of Schnierle Part 5

Today we introduce you to our location in Romania. Schnierle S.r.l. is the extended workbench of our headquarters in Gersthofen and our subsidiary Schnierle Safety Belts in Laufen.

Here, covers and belts are sewn and wheelchair restraint systems are assembled. Our team of almost 40 people works with the highest precision.

Here are a few impressions from the production facility.

  • The production site
  • Our ladies in administration have everything under control: from incoming goods to production planning to shipping.
  • Our professional seamstresses at work
  • Each cover is sewn according to a predefined pattern. Precision and speed are also guaranteed by modern sewing machines.
  • A template and ruler are indispensable aids for cutting the webbing
  • When assembling the belt buckles, the individual components are joined together manually. Finally, the brackets are riveted to the belt buckle.
  • Nothing escapes the scrutiny of the colleagues during the intermediate check: is the belt length correct, is the belt thickness right, is the seam pattern right, is the label correct, etc.
  • The angles of the floor fittings are tightened precisely with a torque spanner and the tool is also calibrated regularly in the process.
  • … the torque values are then digitally evaluated.
  • Assembly of the various wheelchair restraint systems (with hook, with loop, with pin connector, standard, comfort, heavy duty, …). A final inspection takes place before the set is packed.

We hope you enjoy our glimpse into the action.