The new belt pillar system with
adjustable head & backrest



The new belt pillar Safetrans consists of
head and back support. The system is
vertically and horizontally adjustable in
the direction of travel.

Thanks to the integrated 3-point belt, the passenger
remains safely and cleanly protected with
optimum comfort.

The many different adjustment options
allow individual adjustment for wheelchair
type and passenger.

The illustrations and texts can also contain accessories and special fittings which are not included
in the standard scope of delivery. Subject to changes.



Safetrans Sliding Bridge

Safetrans Easy Leg



● Optimal belt routing close to the body & height adjustable
● Protection by the head & backrest in the event of rear impact crash
● The headrest and the backrest are horizontally and vertically adjustable
● Also for Cut-out of the vehicle floor plate in the rear
● Easy to use and simple to operate
● Care-friendly cover material in black synthetic leather
● Safetrans can be configured for right and left
● Head & backrest can be rotated by 180°
● Head & backrest can be extended sideways
● Can be moved individually with "EasyLeg" & „sliding Bridge“
● Easy to upgradeable on existing aluminium floor
● no risk of injury by lever
● Positioning is adapted to the wheelchair

Height adaptation provided by different base heights


Download Datasheet

Datasheet Safetrans (855.5 KiB)

Areas of Use

Safetrans belt pillar system with adjustable head & backrest

on Easy Leg Foot System

On Sliding Bridge over wheel box

Cut-out of the vehicle floor plate in the rear