Rail-In M1 und M2


The rail system for common types of vans, disabled transport vehicles, special vehicles and motor homes.


  • Modular rail system
  • Almost every vehicle floor layout is feasible since we are not bound to profile widths
  • TÜV approved: M1


  • Single rail profile with round hole milling or as C-profile
  • Double rail profile with round hole milling or as C-profile
  • Various panels
  • Various lengths


Scope of application

  • All common types of vans
  • Disabled transport vehicles
  • Special vehicles
  • Motor homes

TÜV-approved installation variants

The illustrations and texts can also contain accessories and special fittings which are not included
in the standard scope of delivery. Subject to changes.

light - flexibel - cheap



Advantages over conventional aluminium floor


  • Weight saving up to 40 kg at medium wheelbase like Sprinter
  • Increased load capacity, less fuel consumption
  • Lower cost due to usage of composite panels instead of aluminium
  • Installation made easier (plastic panels can be sawn in a fraction of the time, secondary effect less noise and less effort)
  • More flexible as we are not bound to profile widths
  • Easier to repair in the event of an accident as the segments can be removed more easily
  • Higher pull-out strength of the rails due to usage of a special tough alloy
  • Standardisation due to complete panels that can nevertheless be specifically adapted by simple means
  • Low stockholding – standard layouts and thus a large number of vehicles can be covered
  • Better floor insulation
  • Combination with other systems is easier (mounting panels, carrier holders, other rails etc. can be integrated)

TÜV approved installation system



Alusystemboden M1+M2

Basic systems

Basic systems


  • Optional positioning on aluminium floor without tool
  • Optional layout due to easy adjustment
  • Easy removal without tool

fixed mounting

  • Favourable priced variation on aluminium floor
  • Optional positioning with tool
  • Optional layout with tool
  • Removal only with tool

Trading forms

Trading forms


  • Rails as required
  • Counter profiles to suit vehicle type
  • Hard foam panel in one piece

Specific adaptation of the layout according to customer wishes is possible!


  • Standard layouts for 6 and 8 rails
  • Counter profiles to suit vehicle type with panels fully cut to size (layouts as for the aluminium system floor)
  • Extensive standardisation with greatest possible flexibility


  • Rails as required
  • Counter profiles fully fabricated and drilled for installation
  • Panels cut to size with bonded floor covering
  • Contours cut to size to suit the vehicle type and as specified, with installation aid (only for larger quantities – series)
  • Fastest possible installation